Camper Highlight: Carter Wang

Who is Carter?

Carter Wang is an student from China. He attended three Auburn University camps in the summer of 2016: Architecture Camp, Chef Tech Academy, and Photography Camp.

What did Carter like best about camp?

“There were lots of activities every day, and these things are hard to find in China. We worked together, sang, swam, and danced. American students are very different from Chinese students. I like playing with them very much! We had many activities after dinner, and it was very fun. To my surprise, we did not have Wi-Fi, it was very special! The university dormitory was very clean. The classes were very professional and interesting. Almost all activities needed teamwork. I like this kind of activity. My favorite part was the teamwork!”

What did Carter take away from this experience?

“I was very happy to join these summer camps! I made many good friends at these camps. The counselors are very friendly and enthusiastic. All other campers are also very friendly! I was very lucky to join these camps. I want to join more camps in the future years. With this experience, I got the idea of how to adapt to American culture as a foreign student. I really enjoyed these camps!”

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