Camper Highlight: Canaan Coleman

Who is Canaan?
She is a soon-to-be sophomore at Headland High School in Alabama, a 4.0 student,
and the president of her school’s chapter of Future Business Leaders of America. With a love for culinary arts, she was interested in attending Auburn University’s Chef Tech Academy this summer. Knowing the cost of the camp, she started brainstorming abouthow she could do some fundraising.

What is “Cakes for Camps”?
Canaan started selling cheesecakes to friends and family and eventually started puttingthem for sale on Facebook. Within three weeks she raised enough to attend Chef Tech Academy. Within 3 months, she had raised over $2000 which she is using to attend camp and to purchase additional kitchen supplies. This fundraiser led to her very own brand “Canaan Creates”.

What is in Canaan’s future?
She was invited to speak at a microeconomics class about her
fundraising efforts and small business startup at Troy University. After she attends Chef Tech Academy this summer, she will return to update the class about her experience! Canaan has high hopes to attend college for a business degree and pursue
her passion for culinary arts!


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