10 Things to Bring to Camp!

Even though the New Year just started, summer is right around the corner which means so are Summer Camps! At Auburn Youth Programs, we begin preparing for next year’s summer right after our camps end in July. However, we know that it doesn’t mean we can’t forget things from time to time. We all have had moments where we go to leave for camp and when we get halfway there we realize that we forgot our phone charger at home! So in order to help keep you more prepared this summer, we have compiled a list of 10 Ways to Be Prepared for Camp This Summer!

  1. Help Your Camper Pack!

As a parent, it is no surprise that you will want to pack your child up for summer camp so that you know they are prepared for the week! However, it can be very beneficial for you to pack with your camper so that they know what has been packed and where to find it!

  1. Cell Phone & Charger

We live in an increased age of technology and that is no longer a mystery to people! In fact, many camps are beginning to incorporate Cell Phones into the camp experience so campers don’t feel like they are cut off from the world! At Auburn Youth Programs, we have designed an app that gives campers descriptions of their camp, their schedule, and other information about Auburn Youth Programs!

  1. Bedding (Twin XL) & Towels

When coming to a summer camp in Auburn this year, make sure that you pack bedding for your camper! Our Campers will stay in our Residence Halls on campus which have Twin XL size beds! Along with bedding, one of the common things that are forgotten while packing is Towels! We recommend that you bring at least two so that you can have one for bathing and then one when we go to the pool!

  1. Closed Toe Shoes

The summers are full of adventure and that doesn’t end when your child goes to camp! One minute you could be having dinner and then next thing you know they are going downtown for some Ice Cream at Toomer’s Corner! That is why it is so important for your camper to have closed toe shoes because they will be doing a lot of walking throughout the week!

  1. Rain Jacket

Weather is always changing in the summer which means there is always the chance for an afternoon shower! Even though Auburn Youth Programs has policies in place for when weather gets bad, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we can keep your camper dry all the time. So make sure that when you help your camper pack they have a rain jacket with them to prevent getting wet!

  1. Sunglasses & Hats

If you are going to a camp that works inside or spending the day outside you will always be exposed to the heat and sun! Make sure that your camper has a good hat and sunglasses to block sweat from their face and to keep their eyes protected from the glare!

  1. Swimwear

Who doesn’t love going to the pool during the summer? All of our camps will visit the pool while in Auburn so make sure that you include swimwear while packing so they do not miss out on one of the favorite night activities while at camp!

  1. Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Summer’s in Alabama can be very hot at times! Make sure that you bring plenty of Sunscreen in case the camp that you go to will spend some times out in heat! Don’t forget the Bug Spray either, because bugs and insects love the summer time just as much as you do!

  1. Ziploc Bags

You never know when your camper may get wet during the summer or when they may want to keep their valuables dry! We recommend sending them with Ziploc Bags so they can have a dry storage for their phone, keys, and money when at camp.

  1. Fun!

Our goal for every summer is to make sure that your Camper has fun while in Auburn! We do our best to encourage and get campers excited throughout the year on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get them ready! Our goal is simple, we want to make this a summer to remember while on the plains!

For more information on any of our camps this summer, please visit our website:



2 thoughts on “10 Things to Bring to Camp!

  1. Latoyia Sanders says:

    Would like to get my child in some type of educational camp this summer..if it’s not to late to sign up…


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