Meet Jessi Rogers, our Counselor of the Week!

Meet Jessi Rogers, an upcoming Junior from Huntsville, Alabama majoring in Musical Theatre! She was nominated by Rebecca Stanley, Patricia Ang, and Cameron Carmello.

She continued to go above and beyond to solve problems at the lowest level, get to know campers personally not only with her camp but with the others, and she took the initiative to take the stress off of me and the others by continuously asking for a job to do.” – Cameron Carmello


If your life had a theme song, what would it be and why?

On My Way from Violet because I’m always striving to move closer to my goals. 

What is your perfect date?

February 15th, because Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale.

Why did you want to be a camp counselor?

I love working with kids!

What is your favorite part of camp?

Definitely the bucket hats!

Tell us a fun fact!

I was raised in a military family that used to move every 2 years! I’ve moved over 8 times.


Thank you for all of your hard work this summer, Jessi! We appreciate your dedication to Auburn Youth Programs and the kiddos in your camps.


For more information on Auburn Youth Programs visit:







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