Meet Bella DeLain, our Staff of the Week!

Meet Bella DeLain, an upcoming Junior from Oxford, Alabama majoring in Visual Media! She was nominated by ManLin Wang, Tanner Sulser, Gage Morrison, and Tiara Bond.

“She is very patient with all the staff that don’t know as much as she does. She knows where the signs go and doesn’t have to check the map. It’s insane, she’s like super woman. She is so nice to the staff and she likes to help others with the job!”

What is your perfect date?

My perfect date would be hiking in a National Park and exploring nature. It’s a great chance to be able to talk with your date and learn more about them without the stress of a nice dinner. We have to see at least one waterfall on the hike and taking a break to have a picnic or eno would be really sweet!

Why did you want to work for Auburn Youth Programs?

I wanted to work with Auburn Youth Programs for a chance to represent Auburn University and give back to my school. Auburn Youth Programs makes such an impact on campers lives and I wanted to return for another year of being a part of a fun and positive experience.

What is your favorite part of camp?

My favorite part of camp is the first day of a new camp, because everyone is excited to start the week and learn something new.

What is your favorite snack?

My favorite snack is any type of fruit and my favorite candy is Bite-sized Kit-Kat’s.

Tell us a fun fact!

My favorite band is Two Door Cinema Club, and they were my first concert last October in Atlanta! I have a twin sister and we have a set of twin miniature schnauzers! I also grew up in Louisville, Kentucky for the majority of my life, but I was born in outside of Chicago. I love to travel and I have filmed and edited a few ‘Travel Diary’ videos on YouTube.


Thank you for all of your hard work this summer, Bella! We appreciate your dedication to Auburn Youth Programs and all the behind the scenes work you do to make the camps possible.


For more information on Auburn Youth Programs visit:



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